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Our Commitments

Commitment with its Values
Fontana de Trevi is located in an area that has a cluster of companies dedicated to the wood products industry, with excellent access to wood products and surrounded by people with valuable woodworking experience and ethics. Furthermore, the company has the benefit of several generations of dedicated men and women professionals working over several decades with the Company.

These combined conditions provide the ability to offer its Clients more options, better raw materials, and years of experience in casket manufacturing that culminate in cutting-edge high quality products at competitive prices.

Commitment to Excellence
The products are carefully inspected during all parts of the manufacturing process, to assure fulfillment of the expectations of quality standards and requirements of its Clients. Fontana de Trevi has built its business, reputation, and relationships with its Clients based on its commitment to excellence.

For these reasons, Fontana has in its portfolio dedicated customers for over 40 years and is the main supplier to Clients in a very demanding market such as Italy. The Company is committed to quality, on-time-delivery, and meeting its obligations with government entities, customers, suppliers, and employees.

Commitment to the Community (Corporate Social Responsibility)
Italians by nationality, and Guatemalan residents, the founders of Fontana de Trevi possess a deep understanding of the culture and commitment of the surrounding community. The Company values the labor force with the understanding that they are the main pillar of a company. The company operates and complies with all health and safety labor laws for the good of its employees and society in general.

With more than 120 full time employees, Fontana de Trevi is one of the largest employers in the region and attracts the best employees financially. The Company also offers financial assistance to its employees and aids the “Guatemalan Burn Children Foundation”. Donating a fixed percentage of its monthly sales. The company operates with full compliance to the health and safety labor laws for the good of its employees and community.

Commitment to the Environment
Fontana de Trevi is a leader in Guatemala for the promotion of environmental friendly practices. Operating with absolute respect of the country’s environmental laws, the company is committed to the use of sustainable woods authorized and supervised by the Forestry National Institute (INAB). The company also imports lumber grown in US plantations from suppliers that are committed to environmental sustainable policies.

During 2015, the company Green Development, S.A. initiated the necessary studies to measure Fontana de Trevi’s Carbon Footprint which would later be used to implement a strategy to reduce its environmental impact (

In 2013, the Company started its first phase of installing a photovoltaic plant with a power capacity of 135.24 kwh. Today, the plant has saved 460 Mwh and prevented some 350 tons of CO2. With the start of the second phase, planned over the next few years, the company expects to reach double the currently installed capacity and double the CO2 preventing capability. This will further reduce its Carbon Footprint; offering its Clients a low environmental impact production.

All the varnishes that are used are imported from Italy from the well recognized brand ILVA from IVM Chemicals group; the largest technologically advanced coatings and Polymers producer in Europe. All of its products are of the highest standards and comply with European norms; friendly to operators, users, and the environment. The construction methods used in the casket production take into consideration the value of the raw materials, maximizing their use. The yields of the raw material used are among the highest in the industry in the Central America and Caribbean regions.

Photovoltaic Plant

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Commitment with its Employees Fontana de Trevi understands the value added generated by the employees working within the company; this is the essence of the company itself. It is through joint efforts between employer and employees that dreams can be made real. Fontana de Trevi invites you to make a personal visit and experience the important element of human touch.

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