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Fontana de Trevi, S.A., is a family owned Company initiated in Italy in the 1940´s, and since inception has been dedicated exclusively to the production of high quality wooden caskets. In 1990, the founding partners decided to move its production facility to Guatemala, Central America, enabling the use of a larger variety of high quality wood species, while continuing to serve and export to Italian and European markets and allowing expansion to markets including Central and North America and the Caribbean.

The manufacturing plant is located near the important ports of Santo Tomas and Puerto Barrios on the Atlantic side of Guatemala. Fontana de Trevi has 160,000 square feet of covered facility on 10 acres. The Company carries an average 600,000 board feet of lumber inventory in its warehouse for production. It has three dry kilns with 90,000 board feet capacity for perfected wood drying, and an experienced staff of over 120 dedicated employees.

Since 1990, Fontana de Trevi has exported 15,000 high quality wooden caskets per year to the Italian market, and more that 10,000 to Northern Europe, Central America, and the Caribbean; averaging over 2,000 caskets per month.

Its long time experience in the industry and its technological capacity has allowed Fontana to produce high quality handcrafted wooden caskets for every niche market. The Company fosters Italian cutting-edge technology, a wide variety of designs elaborated with the best raw materials, and highly specialized Guatemalan labor. Fontana offers its clients the flexibility of producing a custom made product from the design to the selection of woods, fabrics, and finishes.

With the objective of utilizing to its maximum potential the installed production capacity and vast experience, the Company has started a new production line to produce new casket models using hardwoods, specifically directed for the United States market.

In 1998 and 2011 the Guatemalan Exporters Association recognized Fontana de Trevi, S.A. with the Best Exporter of the Year Award for its commitment, value, and dedication as a leading Company in the Guatemalan wood industry.

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